Barrosa 1811 R&P

Another napoleonic test for Rebels & Patriots, 128 pt: 2 x 64pt army refighting a Barrosa-ish scenario.
In the hottest (we hope) weekend of the year (37-39°) we played two days switching side, lists were same points but the french one was more on quantity and the english got more quality.
The frenchs won both games.

We used a "General de brigade" scenario and adpted the army list, with some modifications due to our lack of the correct troops, like Gordon Highlanders instead of Foot Guards, or semi-painted Scots Grays for Hussars.
The goal was to test the rules with a lot of troope in an historical set up and a classic game: King of the hill.
If interested you can download the list here: Barrosa 1811 R&P.

Original italian text article with pictures by Wargames Social Club: part 1 here and part 2 here

Update: few pictures taken from Chimera Comix Facebook Page